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                               Solving your "Internet Puzzle"
   Our products and services are like an "Internet Puzzle".  Depending on how we arrange each of your puzzle pieces, determines how we can tailor the solutions that meets your needs and the other vertical markets your company services.  We are interested in building solutions for customer groups that include the Small strip mall managers, Hospitality (Hotel and Motel) managers, Monitoring/Alarm systems, and a Video Surveillance applications, Broadband Service Providers, and office park managers.

If you have a need or an idea, but lack the technical resources to build a the solution contact us today and we will help you build it.

Small Business Solutions Return on Investment Network Planning 

For years Unified Communications solutions were not cost effective of the small to medium business operation.  There were a few hardware providers and the hardware was very expensive and required a qualified IT person to maintain the system.

However, in recent years the technology has become much easier to manufacture and the software that supports this equipment has become simpler and very user friendly.  Systems that were once were tens of thousands of dollars 10 years ago are not available for a fraction of that previous cost.

Scalability is the key to (Return on Investment).  If you are a small business with only a handful of employees, your choices going in to a Unified Communication strategy were limited to a few major manufactures and providers who took a one sizes fits all approach to their products.  The hardware was designed to the maximum number of employees, usually beginning at 250 employees.  If you were a small business with only 10-15 employees you still had to pay for the capacity of 250.
Manufacturers today have recognized this gap in the sizing of the equipment configuration and lowered the cost of entry for the small business owners.

As in any part of business operations, planning is the key to a successful result.  Unified Communication is no exception and requires a coordination of all aspect of a company Internet access and usage.  If used correctly and effectively the Internet can be a very powerful and cost saving part of any business operation.

Integrated IS works with all our clients to determine the initial applications and hardware to employ.  Additionally, we help you plan for the future by making sure that the solution we recommend is scalable to your business growth in the future.  That it is secure, reliable, and always working profitably. 

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